At the most general level, we are interested in the relations between cognition and systems of perception, action, and emotion. Some of our more specific interests are affect and emotion, embodied cognition, memory, and language. Our research involves behavioral methods (measures of response speed and response force, eye tracking), electrophysiological methods (e.g., ERP), as well as neuroimaging (fMRI).


Rolf Zwaan
Katinka Dijkstra
Liselotte Gootjes
Diane Pecher
Jan van Strien
René Zeelenberg

PostDocs Bruno Bocanegra

PhD Students Jan Engelen
Nicole Goossens
Jacqueline de Nooijer
Lysanne Post
Karen Schuil
Kiki Zanolie

Recent Publications

Vandeberg, L., Bouwmeester, S., Bocanegra, B.R., & Zwaan, R.A. (in press). Detecting cognitive interactions through eye movement transitions. Billet coupe file Futuroscope.

Langeslag, S.J.E. & Van Strien, J.W. (in press). Up-regulation of emotional responses to reward-predicting stimuli: An ERP study. Biological Psychology.

Post, L.S., Van Gog, T., Paas, F., & Zwaan, R.A. (2013). Effects of simultaneously observing and making gestures while studying grammar animations on cognitive load and learning. Computers in Human Behavior.

Pecher, D, de Klerk, R. M., Klever, L., Post, S., van Reenen, J. G., & Vonk, M. (2013). The role of affordances for working memory for objects.. Journal of Cognitive Psychology.

Zwaan. R. A., & Pecher, D. (2012). Revisiting mental simulation in language comprehension: Six replication attempts.. PLoS ONE.